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Connected room inside The Beyond

Connected room inside The Beyond

At last we can publish Connected room inside The Beyond, the sequence from which the cuts for the Pitch Elevator were extracted.

The idea is to show what The Beyond would be like, and since the cuts for the Pitch and/or Teaser would not be very extensive, it was decided to publish the different sequences in full.

Connected room inside The Beyond

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Here we have the video, which tells the story of KAITO, as we already said in the presentation post and photo session within Beyond The Soul.

Connected room synopsis

Kaito is in his room, a room surrounded by technology, all kinds of technologies. It is kept on a kind of bunk while most of the screens are on. He gets up and goes back and forth from one place to another compulsively smoking and thinking. In an impulse he rushes to the main desk where he accumulates most of the screens where he connects through the implants to his main screens. Katio attends the screens while typing at a frantic pace. Suddenly he stops and grabs a helmet that is placed to continue typing and connected in a virtual world.


Erbolot Bedelova gets into Kaito’s skin. He transports us to his hiding place manufactured by him, where he is connected almost 24 hours a day to all communication networks.


In this case, we have the entire Beyond Space Project technical team, around a set assembled by XD7 Productions. We find Carlos Lorite as director, Jose A. Olivares as producer, Rafa Horrillo as artistic production, Pau Gutiérrez as photography assistant, and Verónica, from Vero’s wardrobe, in the wardrobe and Estrella Cañizares in the makeup department.

At the last frontier, fight, evolve and keep going.

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