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Hyper ION-GTX Motorcycle concept

Time to introduce a concept in the form of an ad. So we could find this type of ads in the world Beyond Space Project. It can also be a place for brand insertion. We introduced Hyper ION-GTX Motorcycle concept.

Hyper is a brand of Motorcycle located in a specific system and that distributes to part of the galaxy its creations of land and levitating motorcycles.

Hyper ION-GTX Motorcycle concept

In this case watch how a concept of land motorcycle with cutting-edge technology is announced. This motocycle concept consists of a seated passenger design and an extended fairing, with a hydrogen powered turbine engine plus a high performance electric motor.


Hyper ION-GTX Motorcycle is the best known hallmark of Leviathan, an elite group of activists who fight against one of the most tyrannical corporations in the galaxy, Gybson Corp. This story can be seen in its entirety in Beyond A Thousands Worlds , in his graphic novel of the same title.


This time Marina Garcés plays Jane, a fictional character who expresses freedom and the wild world in which this Hyper ION-GTX motorcycle is marketed.


In this case, we have the entire Beyond Space Project technical team, around a set assembled by XD7 Productions. We find Carlos Lorite as director, Jose A. Olivares as producer, Rafa Horrillo as artistic production, Pau Gutiérrez as photography assistant, and Verónica, from Vero’s wardrobe, in the wardrobe and Estrella Cañizares in the makeup department.

At the last frontier, fight, evolve and keep going.

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