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Pitch elevator and Teaser presentation

It’s time to meet Pitch elevator and Teaser presentation of The Beyond section, the main story of the Beyond Space Project in series form.

In this pitch we will find some cuts of different sequences. Sequences of different shootings and CGI creations to show, as we have already said, how the project series The Beyond would look on screen.

Pitch elevator and Teaser presentation

You can watch the pitch elevator in the following video, and this one has two parts. The first part is oriented to the presentation of the series, explaining what The Beyond consists of. The second part is dedicated to the global project, Beyond Space Project, where we can watch the different sections of it, which are already a reality.


In this case, we have the entire Beyond Space Project technical team, around a set assembled by XD7 Productions. We find Carlos Lorite as director, Jose A. Olivares as producer, Rafa Horrillo as artistic production, Pau Gutiérrez as photography assistant, and Verónica, from Vero’s wardrobe, in the wardrobe and Estrella Cañizares in the makeup department.

For the production of this Pitch we have to thank the collaboration of Javier Alonso, and the CEV film school, who have helped with various material for the filming of some sequences.


You can see the complete casting of all the sequences in this post, where we present a video and review the specific casting of each sequence. Sisterhood, Sector Z, The Cyborg Maker, Hyper motorcycle concept Spot andConnected room.

So far this post with the presentation of this Pitch and Teaser. We hope you have enjoyed it. Stay alert to be able to watch all the sample sequences and upcoming teasers and images of the project, as well as the progress of each of the sections.