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The beyond, series and main story of the project

Today we must explain what is The beyond, series and main story of the project. We will also see a bit of history of the global project, since it all started with the idea of creating a TV series.

In this post we will know what role The Beyond plays within the Beyond Space Project and how we have been creating an image over time to reach this point. Everything is done to find producers or large platforms for their development.

The beyond, series and main story of the project

As we have said, The Beyond represents the main story of the Beyond Space Project and the synopsis of the first season and first episode reads as follows:

Year 6420. A strange ship `Em, from an ancient alien civilization, appears in space intercepted by ships of ABIC corp. In this moment is when a series of events will lead our protagonists to find themselves in the Sirius star system where they will discover a series of enigmas from the past, while trying to uncover what happened to the last vestige of the `Em civilization.

Inside The Beyond we find a world in which the human being has colonized the universe and at this point there will be a series of events that will take the story itself to surprise all the fans

Why a TV Series instead of a film

There is a simple reason and more nowadays in which digital cinema and series use the same production and post-production techniques, the line of image quality being non-existent.

The main reason a series was chosen is because of the length of the footage. Throughout a series we can enter various plots, we can see the evolution of a character, and the inclusion of as many concepts as we want to show the world more extensively.

In this way we propose the series with a budget similar to that of a film of this genre or characteristics, but with which we would have more story, more characters and more content.

Support The Beyond.

As any project, The beyond needs financial support for the support and sale of The beyond, the rest of the blocks or artistic sections emerged. In order to extend in content the structure of The Beyond, highlighting the creativity, scalability and franchisee potential that the Beyond Space Project has.

Of course in the future we propose more than one way to support the project, both from the fans, as well as the technical part. So stay tuned to our website, and don’t forget to sign here, where you can say why you want the project to be carried out.

So far today’s post, remember that here you can have more information about the global project and here you have a manifesto that represents the context in which Beyond Space Project is located.