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Today it is time to talk about a concept that is called The Cyborg Maker, created for Beyond The soul in the form of concept photography and for The beyond in the form of a Teaser or short sequence.

The Cyborg Maker

This sequence, The cybrog Maker, tells the story of Nagatomo, an artisan in a futuristic world. A cybernetic engineer who makes repairs, improvements and creates life within the cyber world.

In this sequence we can see an old cyborg maker, who spends his life repairing and creating cyborg and implant cybernetics device into the people. This character lives in the suburbs of Yao Therm, near of the worst sectors of the space station.

The cyborg maker in Beyond The Soul

Nagatomo The Cybrog Maker

In the conceptual photographs of Beyond The soul we can see two sessions, the first is a main session and the second is a vertical B side session. Both are made by the conceptual artist Soul Reaper and can be seen both on their page and in the Beyond The soul section of our project.

The cyborg maker in the Beyond section

Inside The Beyond we can see how The Cyborg Maker unfolds in sequence. In the same way as in the case of Connected room, it is used to show the complete sequence, but the best parts will be taken to make teasers, trailers and pitch in order to give a powerful visual to the sales documents of the series.

The team

In the artistic part of this secuence we find Jose Parra, he plays Nagatomo, an old craftsman who repairs cyborgs in one of the suburban sectors of Yao Therm. On the other hand, Almudena Calero, gets into the skin of Cyborg Dina, a bounty hunter cyborg who works in the galactic sector where Yao Therm is located.

On the other hand, in the technical part of this sequence we have the team that has made possible the 3rd season of content and development of the Beyond Space project. In this post we can watch a video in which we can put a face to each of them. Of course supported by the XD7 production company and directed by Carlos Lorite.